Six-Twelve Months Ahead of Your Wedding

o   Announce your engagement

o   Set the date, choose a location and create a wedding budget

o   Choose rabbi, cantor or wedding officiant

o   Check with your wedding officiant about dress and Ketubah requirements

Four-Six Months Ahead of Your Wedding

o   Register for gifts at Ketubah Ketubah

o   Order Yarmulkahs imprinted with the name and date of your ceremony

o   Order personalized Benchers for after the wedding meal

o   Order Invitations and Thank-you notes

o   Choose the type of Chuppah you would like or think about making your own

Two-Four Months Ahead of Your Wedding

o   Decide on your Ketubah design

o   Purchase a Guest Book

o   Decide on type of decorated bride and groom chairs for dancing the Horah

o   Finalize the details of the wedding service with your officiant

One-Two Months Ahead of Your Wedding

o   Mail Invitations

o   Obtain a marriage license

o   Choose Gifts for bridal party

o   Purchase Wedding bands

Two-Four Weeks Ahead of Your Wedding

o   Have final dress fitting

o   Buy wineglass for breaking under the Chuppah

One Day Ahead of Your Wedding

o   Ask a friend to handle all the ritual elements of the ceremony: Ketubah, Chuppah, Kiddush cups, rings and glass for breaking

o   Prepare to start fasting at sunrise tomorrow to purify yourselves for your new union